China II

I think I can survive entirely on foodstuffs that cost me 5RMB. There’s a sliver of vegetable there. Some of them even have healthy vegetables, and not just lettuce. Let’s face it; lettuce is a cop-out of a vegetable. May as well take a sip of water.

I’ve spent the last four hours studying in my room. I quite enjoyed myself. I’ve been teaching myself how to write Chinese. So far, I can write really simple stuff which is not impressive at all, but I’m trying. That’s something.

Why am I teaching myself? Because somehow, I have been placed in the beginners class. I was told I’d be heading to level 1.5, where the learning of Chinese characters takes place, for those with understanding of pinyin and know some words, but for some reason, I’m on level 1. Trying to convince them to put me up. Which may or may not work.

The horrible karma I experienced right before leaving is probably because I purposely didn’t give people enough space to get into the lane I was in whilst driving, for a couple of days. Really though, shouldn’t you have thought of getting in the lane a few hundred metres previously? Back when everyone else was waiting in the queue to exit?

I take that back. Screw you, Perth drivers. Screw you.

So anyway, my back’s doing a bit better, in that I can actually stand straight. I haven’t explored much of Hangzhou because I don’t want to walk too far and put my back out.

Nobody speaks English here except for the beginner students, and some of the teachers. It’s been a weird few days.

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