Making the switch

I don’t know much about databases and system administration and all that jazz. I’m quite willing to admit that, without an easily pressable and instant Undo button, I am most likely awful at it. However, thanks to a couple of friends (Heydon and Van, thank you!) who put up with my unending questions, I managed to acquire a test area, allowing me to play around with the idea of switching my blogging software from to WordPress.

I’m not going to go into permissions, DNS entries, MySQL, and apache, other than to say it was a complicated rabbit-hole of confusion and self-doubt. I just thought it might be good to write about the process.

  1. Have a set up WordPress blog, ready to go in a separate test area so you can see both your old Blogger blog and the new WordPress blog (I followed their detailed instructions with only a handful of pains);
  2. Create an XML export of your Blogger blog, which is under Settings;
  3. Visit the Blogger2Wordpress conversion utility to convert your Blogger XML export to a WordPress XML file;
  4. Import the WordPress XML file into your WordPress blog, which is under Tools.

It works a treat—converting all your old posts (even drafts!) as well as preserving comments—but what it doesn’t do is bring across your Blogger labels as WordPress categories. This means, sadly, having to re-categorise all your old posts, as well as tagging them as you wish.

Once that’s sorted, and you’ve managed to hack the Theme to suit what you wanted before (I hacked heavily into the default Twenty Ten theme to suit what I wanted, which removes some of the in-built functions like adding/updating the Header image and the like, but I don’t care, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want with it,) then you’re ready to drop your old blog and make your WordPress install live.

So thank you to all the people’s help, plugins and utilities I made use of, and say hello to my shiny new WordPress blog. It has search!

Oh P.S.: My RSS feed address for subscriptions has changed! It’s now Entries RSS!

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