Let us settle this please

Look, I’m not saying Google Chrome is a bad browser. In fact, I do quite like the responsiveness, address bar intuitiveness, and modular nature of the tabs. I’m not as much a fan of the fact that there isn’t much in the way of advanced preferences, or that there aren’t many add-ons that actually work well.

The issue I want to settle is: all those people spouting “Google Chrome has a smaller memory footprint than Mozilla Firefox” as if they actually knew what it meant, are wrong. Here’s my proof: on a fresh computer startup, I opened one Firefox window and one Chrome window. I went about my usual internet browsing manner, except twice: for every tab I opened in Firefox, I would do exactly the same in Chrome. By the end of the test, with each having two windows and totalling nine tabs, this is the real memory footprint:

Chrome versus Firefox memory footprint comparison: 702.6 megabytes for Chrome, 285.4 megabytes for Firefox

702.6 megabytes memory used in Chrome, 285.4 megabytes memory used in Firefox. I have done this test multiple times. And this is even with having fifteen add-ons currently running in Firefox, and seven in Chrome. So no, Chrome isn’t more lightweight than Firefox, in fact it’s the other way round. Agreed, yes? It’s settled then. Thanks for stopping by.

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