Herb growing, day one

Day one of herb growing, 10 Feb 2010 (from left to right): sweet basil, hot chillis, garlic (yes, I know it's not visible, it's underground,) flat-leaf parsley, and mint

Let’s be honest. I had, and possibly still have, no idea what I’m doing. What do I know about growing herbs? I’m almost ashamed to admit that all I have learnt about it, I looked up on the internet (and not those kinds of herbs, the legal kind. Jeez.)

In any event, I did discover why some of my original herbs weren’t doing so well:

  1. A queen-root of a creepy rose lies dormant below the surface, greedily sucking all the water and amassing power until she can burst forth with her thorny stalks and strangle my basil.
  2. I never really looked at them, just hoping that the sprinklers were turning on and they were being watered.
  3. Lastly, I discovered (when digging deep to take down the queen-rose-root) that the herbs and vegetables were basically planted in sand. Not nutritious sand, the other kind. Sandy sand.

So most of them have died. Time for a new plan. A new and separate trough, so the evil rose can’t steal their water. Separation of the different classes of herbs, as some require more water, some more sunlight. Potting mix instead of sand also seems like a good idea.

Today is day one, so I figured it would be a cool idea to chart their progress. Then, once they have matured, eat them one by one. Personally, I am most excited about all the mojitos I’ll be drinking.

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