Story-con-carn writeoff

As promised, my Boss (Manager, Creative Director, resident crazy lady, whatever) has finished her story and I have put it up for the story-con-carné writeoff :)

Let us know what you think! The story with no title.

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5 responses to Story-con-carn writeoff

  1. Nieves says:

    Haha that was great.

    I started listening to this show the other day, and since you're into all this Japanese-y stuff:

  2. Nieves says:

    In case you couldn't see that

  3. setek says:

    Hehehe cool :) I wish I could be called a Living National Treasure :(

    Do they sound nice? Id like to hear them some time :)

  4. Nieves says:

    I don't know, I stopped listening after a while. You know you can download the audiofile, right? Not just read the transcript?

    Michael thinks you smell

  5. setek says:

    Eh eh you can?? Where?! I cant see it :(

    I smell like awesomeness, unlike some Heydons I know :P

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