The First

Following the recent spate of lavishly ludicrous ideas stemming from the notion that someone would want to read the spouts of rubbish from this brain, and warding away the evil mediums in which I would never wish to partake, I decided upon this as my blog.

Maybe it will direct more traffic to my “just for looks” website, which, incidentally, has no content and is just for looks :)

So, what exactly is this blog to be about?

Well, a little about myself may help—for anybody curious, I am of Chinese descent (to be politically correct I have been told I’m not allowed to say either “pureblood” or “Chinaman”,) living in Perth, Western Australia, which is a city of around one-and-a-half million people (no, it isn’t that big.) I work for the University of Western Australia, as a front-side Web Developer. Basically that means I dabble in PHP, XHTML and JavaScript (I actually mean very limited dabbling, probably more likened to floundering in,) but my main forté is CSS-P, investigating cross-browser compatible methods of accessible, usable and semantic code, to create accessible, usable and semantic websites. Some of the posts will be about stuff like that, possibly tutorials, and others will be, well, decidedly less geeky. I might write about something cool I’ve discovered, or something like holidays (funny that!) General mish-mash, I suppose. Whatever I can think to come up with! Hopefully at least one person will enjoy it :)

More posts to follow—I just wanted to break the ice with this very first post of mine.

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