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National Week in China

I headed to China once more to visit my beautiful girl during National Week, when the masses get seven days of holiday. We were in Beijing (北京) and Tianjin (天津.) In Beijing, Yuanmingyuan (圆明园) was quite pretty. We didn’t really … Continue reading
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China XIII

Got around to resizing some photos. Sort of chronologically ordered, except all the food comes first. Some are iPhone photos, some are Canon IXUS 1100 photos, the rest were taken with my new Canon G15, which is an awesome enthusiast … Continue reading
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Food for family

My cousin Tim is soon departing for a foodie’s dream job in Singapore. We decided to have one more cook-off before he leaves, to try some of the things we’d been meaning to have a go at, as well as … Continue reading
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Cooking with the Cuz II

My professional-chef-cousin Tim and I both had a decent length of break over Christmas, so we decided to have some cooking funtimes. We made three courses, and it went beautifully. Delicious. My only problem was the wine we were drinking: … Continue reading
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Gastronomia III

It’s been a very long three months. At first, my thyme and basil looked like they were dying. Then, they started to flourish, which was when snails and other bugs decided to eat them to buggery. Straight after that, they … Continue reading
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Jacksons Restaurant

One of the most amazing restaurants in Perth, with its ever-changing menu and inventive flavour combinations, Jackson’s Restaurant is definitely one of my favourite restaurants in Perth.
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