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Another new short

Yeah, I’m on a roll … of two. I was hoping to write a novella, which is described as “not as long as a novel, but too long to be a short story,” so being in some vague area between … Continue reading
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A new short (the first in two years!)

I was about to title this post, “Writing about taking a break from taking a break from writing,” before deciding it was probably only amusing to me. Ahem. Anyway. This short has been one I’ve wanted to write for quite … Continue reading
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A new short

A friend asked me to write a short. His request was for something ecchi (for those of you unaware, ecchi is how the Japanese pronounce the letter ‘h,’ which stands for hentai, or in other words, ‘Japanese pornography.’) I’m sure … Continue reading
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Calling an end to writers block

Well, the last new short is by now rather old, spending time mucking around with photography to mask the inability to finish a single short. Somewhere along the way, notes were lost and found again, creative sparks painstakingly rekindled, and … Continue reading
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New short

Here’s my attempt at semi-regular postings :) A new short, the butter queen. The idea for this cropped up in the past week, and it flew. Unfortunately, another short that’s been around for much longer still hasn’t been finished yet … Continue reading
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Marrying strangers in coffee shops, and Firefox 3

Well, managed to find it. Marrying strangers in coffee shops. Hope you enjoy … whoever’s there. By the way, Firefox 3 came out today. Go get it. It’s pretty cool. I’m not really seeing this supposed “smaller memory footprint,” but … Continue reading
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Spare time

Well, as mentioned before I’ve found myself with a lot of spare time recently. I’ve been cooking whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like, and here are some of the results. To the right is my Filét Sauerkraut, something … Continue reading
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Lonely highways

This is a story about a cat.
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The final short

This short completes the trilogy that I’ve been “working” on. For anybody interested, you should probably read those first. It goes like this: Day of Boats Life in American Typewriter And then finally this last short, on smiles and love. … Continue reading
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By the waters edgea short

By the water’s edge.
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A short

Just a quick post, to up my latest bit of work. I currently have a fascination with a certain font. I’m not going to say what font it is, but it’s not exactly code-breaking savant brilliance if you figure out. … Continue reading
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Story-con-carn writeoff

As promised, my Boss (Manager, Creative Director, resident crazy lady, whatever) has finished her story and I have put it up for the story-con-carné writeoff :) Let us know what you think! The story with no title.
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Another (slightly longer) short, plus news

It’s been a little while since I last posted; I blame it on the length of this short :) It actually made the distance to some kind of short story guideline (every source claims differing lengths make up a short … Continue reading
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Yet another blisteringly short short

I’m on a roll—I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve felt like writing short after short after short. Oddly, I’ve also dropped how long each story is to a mere few hundred words, as if I couldn’t possibly … Continue reading
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The Day of Boats

I don’t quite know how to introduce this story … it was a short I created on a whim, in the space of an hour, and to my recollection I haven’t really proofed or cleaned it up, but we’ll see … Continue reading
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