Green Gourmet: a review

Green Gourmet is not food


Buffet “warmer” food was barely warm, had been sitting in the warmer for hours. Anything laying claim to being crispy was lying. A lot of gluggy sauce. If this is food, I must be in hell. Can I do 0/20? Because … 0/20


Fine, nothing to really complain about, was pleasant enough. Because you don’t really interact with them much. 12/20


The entrance’s awnings leak, and badly, so you get a head of drainage water for free. Restaurant shows wear and tear, it looks run down, and it is. 4/20


Did I mention the “food”? No, never, ever, ever again. Never. Ever. 0/20

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  1. Rebecka says:

    Your restaurant reviews are always very helpful. Thank you.

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