Soban Korean Restaurant: a review

Taking into consideration that Soban (and Towon, its Chinese next-door-neighbour-sharing-a-kitchen-counterpart) has better reviews than NoGoSan Korean restaurant, we thought we’d give this place a go. This wasn’t the best idea we’ve ever had.


We ordered the Grilled Pork ribs, and the Ginseng Chicken soup. The ribs were extremely plain, and on the dry side: the vegetables were steamed and presented as-is, without even the slightest hint of seasoning, and the ribs were suspiciously missing any rib, dry-fried, and placed next to the vegetables. On its own, the dish was like a desert. Thankfully we had the soup, or so we thought. If this is how Ginseng Chicken soup is meant to be, I’m not sure what it was we were eating in Seoul. But it’s here that’s at fault: there should actually be some taste of Ginseng here, while we simply got a chicken soup, the pieces of Ginseng few and far between. The breast meat was dry (it had been overcooked,) and there was hardly any rice within the carcass. Disappointing. 6/20


Despite being mostly empty (only two tables had customers,) it took a while for one of the waitstaff to notice us and show us to a table. Getting someone’s attention when we were ready to order took a while, because one staff member was standing there doing nothing, while the other was picking music on an iPod. They treated us with all the indifference of an abused, drugged petting tiger. 6/20


The restaurant is clean, in a clean and nice shopping centre (Westfield Chatswood) and it has some interesting design to it. It was probably the best part about the place. 11/20


We’ll never come back, not for food and service like this. It’s criminal what some will call ‘service’ here. 6/20

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