National Week in China

I headed to China once more to visit my beautiful girl during National Week, when the masses get seven days of holiday. We were in Beijing (北京) and Tianjin (天津.)

In Beijing, Yuanmingyuan (圆明园) was quite pretty. We didn’t really get to see much in the way of ruins, but I’m told that’s because we ran out of time. We got to dress up in traditional Chinese costume here! Yiheyuan (颐和园) was nice, I’ve been here before, and took more photos the last time. Nanluoguxiang (南锣鼓巷) had lots of small boutique shops, and was quite fun, and quite busy. When it comes to food, you must try Beijing roast duck in Beijing. Everything else is the cherry on top.

Tianjin’s Haihe river (海河) is quite pretty. The city has a lot of western-style architecture, so all the buildings are quite interesting. The ancient cultural street Jinmenguli (津门故里) has a lot of shops, and is quite a fun way to spend an afternoon. We found the Nanshi Food Street (南市食品街) to be a bit stomach-ache inducing, but it’s interesting to see all the people jamming themselves into a small area to purchase unrefrigerated, Food-Health-and-Safety-Guidelines-failing produce. Goubuli (狗不理,) Tianjin’s famous baozi (buns,) are severely overrated. We wholeheartedly agree with the name (狗不理 means “dogs (will) ignore”.)

Here be some photos:

Of course, this is some of the nice food we ate:

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