New home for web apps

I’ve migrated the web apps to their own subdomain, so you can find them over at—I hope people find them useful ^_^

Chinese flashcards

This app is tailored to the Confucius Institute’s (孔子学院) classes, currently from Beginners up to halfway through Intermediate. The words are pulled from the Contemporary Chinese textbooks (当代中文.)

汉语 flash cards

Countdown calendar

This app is for those of you who want to print out a calendar so you can mark the days down to a particular event. I wasn’t happy with how the ones I found on the Internet looked, so I made my own that looks cooler.

Countdown calendar

Shakespearean Insult Generator

This app was just because I was bored. You can automatically generate a Shakespearean Insult. It’s pretty amusing.

Shakespearean Insult Generator

HopShopGo split shipping calculator

This app is for when you are splitting the shipping cost of multiple packages with friends via HopShopGo.

HSG split shipping calculator

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