Japan I: midnight arrivals

We arrive in Tokyo at midnight, after a shower and brushing teeth (and setting up wifi hotspot, of course: the essentials,) I say goodnight to Van, and get into bed.

I hear a few knocking around noises, normal stuff, and then I lift up my blinders to see Van on his bed, with his laptop, and holding an object in his hands. I peer (I’m very short-sighted) at him and ask, “What’s that you’re holding?” and he replies: “tissue box.”

I groan, and we start a hilarious conversation going something like ‘please don’t, please don’t do that while I’m in the room’ in this thin-walled hotel.

A funny start to the Japan leg of this trip.

(He claims he wasn’t going to, by the way. But we’ll never know for sure …)

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