One week left for the Big Cake Bake 2012!

Hi all!

So there’s just one week left to get your donations on, and if you happen to be nearby (anywhere from Nedlands and its surrounds, southwards to ... Leeming and its surrounds,) you can pre-order a cake from me! Just contact me if you’re interested.

About the online, tax-deductible donations, they’ll be accepted up until the end of August, and I have the following prizes for the biggest donations:

  1. The largest donation to my fundraising page will receive a generously donated recipe by celebrity Chef Emmanuel Stroobant (star of television series Chef in Black, writer of Cuisine Unplugged and Vine Dining - White) of mini chocolate fudge cakes, and if you’re not too far away, I’ll even whip up a batch and personally deliver them to you, on me!
  2. The two runner-up donations will receive a recipe for a choc-hazelnut cake, donated by my cousin, Tim Ong!

(If you wish to remain anonymous publicly, email me a copy of your receipt and nobody else will know.)

Please donate now!

Remember, there’s just a week left, so put your generosity hats on and send the Australian Red Cross some money :)

Thank you!

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