Red Cross Big Cake Bake 2012 update

Hello everybody!

I’d like to say a very big thank you to celebrity Chef Emmanuel Stroobant, as he has graciously donated a recipe (that looks children-friendly!) in the name of charity. Here’s the deal: whomsoever donates the largest amount (a totally tax-deductible donation) will win a batch of Chef Emmanuel’s mini chocolate fudge cakes, on me, as well as the recipe itself! So get donating!

(If you wish to remain anonymous publicly, email me a copy of your receipt and nobody else will know.)

Please donate now!

Now, onto the first tray of baked goods …

The nàweí

This is the first in the line-up to help the Red Cross (here’s to hoping it tastes nice!)

Today I have the nàweí: a sexy mixture of pistachios, rose water and white chocolate, smashed together against their will into a friand.

The nawei: pistachios, rose water and white chocolate friands

As I’ve plugged many times already, this is fundraising for the Australian Red Cross, if you’re too far away to buy something, you can make a tax-deductible donation!

If you want some carbs for your buck, then by all means, the lucky (or unlucky?) few at the University Website Office and surrounds will be my test subjects customers.

I’m also up for taking pre-orders, if you are somewhere near me and want a batch of these! Just drop me a line :)

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