Food for family II

So, Tim came back for a very short while back in July, and we hastily prepared a little dinner for each our families. I took the chance to use my new Wedgewood plates, which I had bought only two of, for presentation purposes (they are so expensive!) Yes, I would go that far to avoid taking photos of food on plates that have little love hearts on them.

We were slightly hit-and-miss on the dishes, but that’s okay, it’s all good fun.

For entrée, pumpkin soup(ish):

Pumpkin and capsicum royale with goat's cheese and chorizo, served in a bread bowl

For main course, 72-hour slow-cooked beef short rib:

72-hour slow-cooked beef short rib, with parsnip and vanilla puree, brussels sprouts, sweet potato crisps and a beef jus

For dessert, twisted crème brûlée:

Creme brulee with a twist, because it hadn't fully set yet

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