One night in Italy

I decided to host a dinner party for some friends, which ended up being a lot of fun, not least of all because I drank a lot of wine. I called the dinner party, una notte in italia, or: one night in Italy. As all the other photos were really blurred messes, the only photos I took were photos of food (the important stuff!) Everyone enjoyed themselves (or so they told me) so I guess it was a success. As always, I must thank my maître d’, J :D

For entrée, pasta in a butter-cream sauce:

Penne with seared chicken breast, pumpkin, capers, sun-dried tomatoes, and bacon in a butter-cream sauce

For main course, beef osso buco:

Baby beef osso buco (shin) slow cooked for 5.5 hours with double-pressed olive oil pomme puree

Lastly, for dessert, passionfruit pannacotta:

Passionfruit pannacotta

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2 responses to One night in Italy

  1. yerple says:

    Yummmm that pasta looks amazing. So jealous :(

  2. Ming Ming says:

    Hehehe thanks :P

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