Food for family

My cousin Tim is soon departing for a foodie’s dream job in Singapore. We decided to have one more cook-off before he leaves, to try some of the things we’d been meaning to have a go at, as well as treating our parents and my big bro.

For entrée, a Thai dish called Ma hor (galloping horses,) based on a recipe by David Coomer (of Star Anise fame):

Ma hor (galloping horses,) a Thai dish involving slices of fresh pineapple, minced duck with garlic, chilli and coriander, with seared scallops on top

For main course, hand-made ravioli with bouillabaisse:

Hand-made ravioli filled with a prawn, carrot and broad bean mousse, surrounded by a prawn and vegetable bouillabaisse

For dessert, our take on the snow egg, based on a recipe by Peter Gilmore (of Quay Restaurant fame):

Our mango snow egg: mango fool (it's like a custard really) sitting underneath an Elderflower granita, with a vanilla bean ice-cream-filled soft meringue encased in a brandy snap shell, topped with finger lime, which are like little baubles of lime (think lime caviar)

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