A new short (the first in two years!)

I was about to title this post, “Writing about taking a break from taking a break from writing,” before deciding it was probably only amusing to me. Ahem. Anyway. This short has been one I’ve wanted to write for quite some time, the idea having bubbled away whenever I could afford to entertain it.

Being busy with work and other things has masked my extraordinary two-year writer’s block, and instead of forcing my way through it, I began to write this short instead.


I hope you enjoy it; let me know what you thought. Unless they’re not nice thoughts, then piss off, or lie.

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5 responses to A new short (the first in two years!)

  1. yerple says:

    OMGz this is a commentZor :D

  2. yerple says:

    It’s an interesting take on creation, supreme beings intent on finding another just like them. I don’t think they ever would/could though. It didn’t make sense that one of them could remove the powers of the other, I would have thought it’d work better if he inflicted the ‘spell’ (or whatever) on himself. Also, being able to kill the brother who is supposedly the same kind of being as you? I would have thought the sadness would be what killed him, or maybe suicide.

    I really liked it :)

    How do you play Weiqi?

    Was that proper enough for you? :P

    Happy holidays :)

  3. Ming Ming says:

    Hmm didn’t it make sense? I figured if they truly were all powerful, they could do anything, which would include binding powers and killing. I thought of it this way: if you set two equally powerful fighters against each other, that doesn’t mean nobody gets hurt–they still inflict damage upon one another. However, match one powerful against one really weak, and the chances the powerful one is damaged is small.

    My worry was that if one knew what the other knew, and they really were supreme, wouldn’t one know where the other is in order to not kill them? I felt the absolute cover of darkness/nothingness was my way out though. It also helped to tie into the yin-yang, the Taoist duality of black and white.

    I am super happy you liked it though :)

    Dunno how to play Weiqi, hahaha, I only know Chinese Chess. Wiki has an article on Weiqi!

    Happy holidays!

  4. Tabu says:

    I liked it, but it bothered me that they were ‘born’ and then at the end that shangdi just faded out – her character had seemed stronger and less dependent on tian.

    I am glad to have discovered your blog and will now periodically follow your amazing cooking feats and tips and read some of your other shorts.


  5. Ming Ming says:

    Thank you very much for your kind words, I am happy you enjoyed it!

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