Gastronomia III

It’s been a very long three months. At first, my thyme and basil looked like they were dying. Then, they started to flourish, which was when snails and other bugs decided to eat them to buggery. Straight after that, they were hailed on by the Perth storm. So I’ve given up the whole “maybe I’ll take photos to chart their progress,” given their sorry state. Onto better things …

I took leave during the second half of February, and spent most of that time cooking. I experimented with things that piqued my interest; eyed the dishes that I just wouldn’t normally have time for. So, in a massive update, I bring you the third instalment of gastronomia. I do hope you enjoy.

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2 responses to Gastronomia III

  1. Magnus says:

    You can cook quite well Ming ;). Ever thought of becoming a chef? Your presentation is definitely at a professional level.

  2. ming says:

    Magnus, howve you been, its been a while!

    Oh yes Ive briefly thought about it, but I really dont think Im good enough but thank you for the compliments :)

    Also, I.T. pays better!

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