Mayday, mayday, (S)FTP is going down

SFTP and FTP users of blogger will no longer be able to do so. So says the powers that be, they’ve (almost ironically) created a blog to the matter, Blogger FTP info.

While I didn’t necessarily mind initially, reading up on the process of how to set my blog up to a custom domain began to make me queasy. Perhaps it’s due to the lack of hosting my files in my area. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have the ability to re-upload the blogger-created thumbnails that I wanted to tweak. I think, mostly, I am feeling queasy because I have to do something.

After the initial set-up, I haven’t had to really do anything about it. It worked. I was happy.

Now, with changing CNAMEs, creating redirects, other … stuff, I have to do things.

I have no choice about this: I will be down for a little, short, small while. Unless(!) I fuck something up.


Well, it wasn’t too painful. However, one of the resources we’re told to go by contradicts another resource when used together.

Missing files host helps if you used absolute-relative links to files (which I do,) as in, you sought after files based on the root directory (/files/rar.jpg and such.) Turning the missing files host option on means if it can’t find the file on Google’s server, it will look where you specify. Great, turn it on, it grabs all my images, CSS, and JS files.

As I allowed both and as valid addresses to the same files, I had to redirect the now defunct second address to—which I did by following FTP vs. custom domains, the section regarding Redirecting from your FTP blog to your Custom Domain blog by creating an .htaccess file to redirect all caught /blog/* to … which, of course, means the first “missing files host” stops working.

So I rewrote the redirect to only redirect /blog/, and nothing else:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RedirectMatch 301 ^/blog/$

Seems to work okay. I hope I’m not forced to do any other things. I sure am beat after all this hard work.

Update again

The “missing files host” feature does slow down page load, especially with a lot of missing links. I opted to turn this off, export the blog, and replace all the links to head straight for without the need for it. I also moved the blogger-created /blog/uploaded_images to my already existing /images/blog/ and rewrote the paths in the exported data to head to the right spot.

So missing files has been turned off, this is a less lazy fix, and I updated the .htaccess redirect to include the atom.xml and rss.xml feeds of old, for the probable only subscriber to my blog :P

The question is, from now on images uploaded through the blogger WYSIWYG system is uploaded to their servers, which would make future possible export/migration messy. It may be best to continue uploading them to my server and simply linking to them in blogger.

I think this is it for me, over and out.

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  1. alternate open source solution for blogger ftp: … you get to keep your rank/scripts/ftp service. don't use their migration tool… it kills your blog… read the horror stories on their help forums.

  2. Ming Ming says:

    After just over a year since this post, I’ve decided instead that I’ll be Making the switch to a WordPress blog.

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