Truffles and asparagus

I wish I could cook this good, but I can’t. So I’ll just sit, munch at it, and marvel at their awesomeness. Everything was very nice. Very, very nice.

Loose Box’s truffle dégustation 2009

Keep a reason (excuse) every year to celebrate with this fine Loose Box truffle tradition.

Gala Restaurant’s White Asparagus dégustation

There’s something about white asparagus that gets me coming back to Gala for these dinners year after year …

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2 responses to Truffles and asparagus

  1. Nieves says:

    That food looks amazing!

    You really shouldn't have introduced me to gourmet traveller, all I do is look at new stuff to make :/

  2. setek says:

    Hahah I know hey, Im addicted too!

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