Warm plates

I have a couple of side projects coming up—amongst having another cookalong with my cousin, I’m hoping to host a dinner party for some friends. I’m still working on the menu, so it’s very up in the air at this stage. Anyway, I’ve been mucking around with different dishes, seeing what I can accomplish without ruining in a most horrible fashion. Here are some experiments, some slightly more successful than others.

In my defense, the filét de boeuf et pommes mille-feuille au jus gras (fillet of beef on a bed of scalloped potatoes, with fried shallots and bone marrow topping, finished with a red wine jus) was really, really difficult (I sub-titled it “How I failed at being a French chef.”) I had to forgo the second sauce (“serve with a pot of bearnaise,”) and slightly cheated with the jus (the main recipe called four other recipes, one of which, the jus, called two other recipes, so it was a huge piggy-backing nightmare recipe of disaster,) but other than that, it looks fairly similar to the picture :P

In other news, I’ve also been nutting out the details for a new short. I hope I can actually complete all (or any) of these projects successfully!

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4 responses to Warm plates

  1. Tim Ong says:

    lol, haha looks goood.. did you make your own pesto?

    haha check my menu up for an upcoming event.. i tried to be french also but might be a fail..


    i finish exams on the 18th so im good for a cook off after =3

  2. setek says:

    Thanks! Yeah J and I made it ourselves :)

    Seven courses … how many mouths are you feeding … you sure have your work cut out for you!

    They all sound awesome dude, remember to get someone to photograph it all :D

  3. Tim Ong says:

    haha, take a guess how many mouths…

    Yeah got my work cut out but having hopefully a team of unqualified clueless people helping me =3

    feeding probably around 35

    Definitely hoping lots of photos are taken!!

  4. setek says:

    Hahaha Id offer to help, but then you would have a team + one of unqualified clueless people :P

    Having a go at a simple filt mignon with a barnaise sauce, and crispy fried potato and sweet potato shavings tonight Ill have a couple more pics to upload after that!

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