Review: The Gala Restaurant

I’ve been to The Gala Restaurant several times over the past few years, since around the time they first set up camp in Kearns Crescent, Applecross. My visits were mostly for special occasions (stuff like “I’ve landed a new job!” shortly followed by “I’m quitting because it sucks, time to celebrate!”) In that time, they’ve always been the same. The same standard of service; quality of food; level of fine dining experience. Something that’s so consistently great—while interestingly unpredictable, in their continually changing and evolving menus—definitely warranted what I haven’t done yet on this site: a review.

The food

Our custom dégustation went like this (albeit missing the first dessert, I forgot to take a picture in my haste!) Please forgive the quality of my mobile phone photos, I did the best I could:

What is there to say about the food? Well, Hans and Marianne are Gods of European Cuisine. Each flavour is as distinct and separate from one another, like all the instruments in an orchestra, while the dish as a whole works together in idyllic harmony—9 out of 10.


Fine dining isn’t just about the food; no, it needs a total package. Everyone at Gala Restaurant is nice, helpful, friendly, accommodating, everything one would want to help you celebrate a special occasion, or just treat yourself to some of the best—9 out of 10.


The Gala Restaurant is a cozy place, with nice decoration and soft lighting. There’s a nice amount of space between tables, so while being in a public area, there’s still a decent amount of privacy to have a good conversation over some great food and fine wine—8 out of 10.

All in all

Definitely one of my favourite restaurants—a great place to go to, but I do save this place for a special occasion. For one thing, the wallet dictates this; mostly, however, I fear all other meals would be ruined, if they had to compete for taste-bud affection with the culinary delights offered by The Gala Restaurant—9 out of 10.

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