Google Chrome


  • It’s really fast
  • The UI is quite easy to use and comprehend
  • Tabs containing the address bar, navigation buttons et al, rather than the other way round, actually is more semantic and intuitive
  • It uses webkit, not a proprietary rendering engine
  • Finally, a browser with a decent font-size for the address bar
  • Did I mention it was really fast?


  • For a browser that’s meant to be created for today’s users’ needs, it doesn’t have RSS support? Did I miss something?
  • What’s with the Vista-styled minimise, maximise and close buttons? Not to mention the IE 8-inspired address bar, how it dulls part of the line to put more emphasis on the domain…
  • Does anyone find “Help make Google Chrome better by automatically sending usage statistics and crash reports to Google” the least bit fishy?
  • Inability to see, at a glance, long page title text without hovering over the tab
  • IE 7- and 8-styled menu, tucked away in a button, makes it harder to get to, not to mention inconsistent with just about all other applications
  • Lack of page zoom, instead only having text zoom

That’s all for now … I’m mostly just glad I didn’t have to look to yet another browser to check for inconsistent page rendering. Looking forward to future versions, and what the Google giant are capable of.

Google Chrome

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2 responses to Google Chrome

  1. hipikat says:

    – WebKit's the most exciting thing, IMHO. Already the best renderer out there, this is a massive boon for the acceleration of its development.
    – RSS will come, this is only the first release.
    – I agree there's too much contrast on the domain name highlighting. Is this meant to be defence against weak phishing attacks or something?
    – Stop worrying and send your usage statistics :)
    – Text zoom instead of page zoom is a Good thing! WebKit does support page zoom (although not in any published way), so a hack is inevitable.

  2. setek says:

    I still dont get how you think that text zoom trumps page zoom no broken page layouts, with minimal developer effort, and its just paving the way for SVGs, which means we can also have all the pretty and none of the pixellation!

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