Things are happening

The main site over at has been fully refurbished, sporting a nice shiny new codebase and design. Soon, when I have the time to sort through it all, this blog will be updated with the same design (so it’s all nice and consistent, you know?) ‘Soon’ being the taunting variable in that sentence … cross your fingers because I’m crossing mine that it will get done, at some stage …

Other than that, we’ve been doing some fun cookery. First there was J and my very first attempt at hand-making gnocchi, we did it with a simple creamy gorgonzola cheese sauce:

Hand made gnocchi with a creamy gorgonzola cheese sauce

Then we cranked the new pasta maker to hand-make parpadelle, which was accompanied by a chicken and white wine rosé sauce (it took more than three hours, but we thought it was worth it):

Hand made parpadelle with a chicken and white wine ros sauce

Last night, to commemorate the fixing of the stupid near-new oven that shouldn’t be broken (it’s a long title, I know,) I whipped up a filo filled with a lightly fried salmon steak and tahini yoghurt, with steamed asparagus spears dolloped with more yum tahini yoghurt:

Salmon filo parcels with asparagus spears and tahini yoghurt

Well, that’s about it. Still haven’t made any progress on that story… oh well, maybe better luck next time.

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