Marrying strangers in coffee shops, and Firefox 3

Well, managed to find it. Marrying strangers in coffee shops. Hope you enjoy … whoever’s there.

By the way, Firefox 3 came out today. Go get it. It’s pretty cool.

I’m not really seeing this supposed “smaller memory footprint,” but it’s worth it for the amped up location bar, the nicer, more mac-integrated skin, the fact that the mac font anti-aliasing/weight problem is fixed, and my all time favourite, that when you switch to the window from another space, it actually becomes the active window (another mac problem—if you switched to the window, the toolbar would claim Firefox was the active window, but it was not. You could try to type, or scroll down, or use several keyboard shortcuts, but it would do nothing.)

Oh, and that there is no longer a 57 character limit on element titles (did that piss off any other developers? I guess it forced you to get to the point in a description title …)

Oh, and it now does zoom instead of just a text resize!

(… speaking of which, when did Firefox go from setting the bar, to merely catching up to it? Oh well, no matter, it’s still the best browser.)

I haven’t even looked at the list of new features, so I’ll wager I’ve missed out a great deal, but check it out for yourself and see.

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