Last meal

Chicken avocado crush

Well, perhaps not the last last meal, but I want to call it a milestone. I won’t have as much time to cook anymore, so it feels like a last meal. I’m glad it turned out.

It is a chicken breast stuffed with a Danish Fetta and Spinach, chilli crumbed and shallow fried, accompanied by an ‘avocado crush,’—avocado, lemon juice, horseradish mayonnaise, a hint of cream and finely diced Italian Parsley. It is garnished with fresh tomato cubes and pommes noisettes.

I like pommes noisettes :)

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2 responses to Last meal

  1. Yerple says:

    Hi Ming! I like pommes too, they're tasty! I think I'm going to go add them to my shopping list…
    Are you interested in a martial arts show? It's called Human Weapon; they go around the globe, learning different styles of fighting, then have a big fight at the end with the people who do it in each country. And yeah, thought you might like it since they have a kung fu episode!

  2. setek says:

    Ooh that's awesome, I'm definitely going to take a look at that show :)

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