Cook-off :)

I’ve been cooking a fair amount more, with all the extra time on my hands. And since I haven’t been posting anything lately, I thought might as well put some pictures up :)

I made this a while back, it’s a big field mushroom pizza. Cut the stalk, add all your favourite pizza toppings (I made a Capricciosa, or what I could remember of the Capricciosa from our Rome trip.)

Capricciosa pizza

I guess I was feeling all Italy-inspired, because I made this next, a fried al-dente linguine tossed through with onions, bacon, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, tomato pesto, with char-grilled beef chunks on top.

Linguine with beef and bacon

After that I made a three-hour beef shin stew, on a bed of potato mash, which turned out very well.

Beef shin stew with potato mash

And today, I made pumpkin soup with Stilton Danish Blue bread (couldn’t find a Stilton cheese, so had to settle for a close relative :D) I made this so J would have something for lunch for the rest of the working week. And possibly a little left over.

Pumpkin soup

And tonight I made creamy garlic prawns :)

Creamy garlic prawns

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