Yakiniku Ramen

Yakiniku Ramen: beef in a Japanese marinade with noodles I wanted to experiment a little with beef. Languishing in a yakiniku marinade sits 650 gm of filét, lightly charred so it’s slightly crunchy (but not tasting of burnt, of course,) but still pinkish purple on the inside. I used garlic, chilli oil, chilli flakes (gives it a bit of zing, you know?) soya sauce, black sauce, a couple of squirts of lemon juice to cut it, plenty of steamed vegebibbles, ramen and, of course, some kewpie!

Older brother said it was really, really nice. So nice he had two servings. There’s still enough left for three. That means it serves six, took one-and-half hours for marinade and one hour prep and cook. 40$AU the lot.

And it was super yum.

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