XMas Wagyu

Wagyu fillet on a fried Haloumi with bruised basil leaves Well, that’s it. 260 gm of Grade 8/9 Wagyu tenderloin, delivered direct from the friendly people over at the Dorper Lamb farm out in Margaret River.

Medium-to-medium-rare, the beef sits on a bed of shallow-fried Haloumi (which had been rubbed down with bashed basil leaves.) It is simply accompanied with a garlic butter sauce, fried garlic chips, and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

It was a great hit, everyone loved it, so I’m proud of my work.

Merry Christmas to that :)

P.S.: because I can, I’m going to show you the before shot :P an entire tenderloin, for the bargain price of 250$AU:

Whole raw Wagyu tenderloin

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