Are the spots worth it?

I personally like White Bengal Tigers better.

But, I suppose to be fair I should give it a go and make some kind of semi-objective judgement. I’ve had Leopard since a couple of days after it came out in Australia. I was decently excited when it first came, because I had high hopes of getting rid of the brushed theme, as well as a few other niggling things.

Front Row

I loved Front Row. It had good, simple functionality. As soon as you use Little Snitch to stop it from ever accessing anything (which stop the stupid Trailers section from downloading stuff, thus removing the lag when you first load Front Row up.) How did they improve it with Leopard? They changed the scheme, which is fine, nothing wrong with it. They improved the seeking functionality so you don’t have to hold down the button forever.

But no, none of these things makes up for the fact that they removed the resume playing functionality. No longer can I exit Front Row and fall asleep, and get back to where I was watching the next day. They improved the lag times of long videos showing up with the wet-floored preview (sometimes, simply scrolling down through a long list of hour-long episodes would lag.)

Let’s bow our heads in respect for the death of resume playing. It will be sorely missed.

Time Machine

… rocks. I don’t think I need to say anything else about it.


Spaces is pretty cool for those of us who don’t have the money or the space to fit another actual monitor. It has a few problems—some apps don’t work so well with it (here’s looking at you, Adobe.) Being able to assign certain apps to be in every space (a good one to put Finder in) is great, though some (Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox so far is what I’ve noticed) switch the space to where the app is in, update the Toolbar to reflect the active app, but the window itself isn’t registered as the active app. No keyboard combinations will work until you actually click inside the window.

Unified Theming

No more brushed!


Reliable functionality, although you can click something behind the grid or stack if you don’t manage to hit the clickable area of the icon. Then again, the Desktop was always a bit like that anyway (you have to click the icon or the actual text, not the space in between the two, etc.)


I like the alternating row colours, it really helps in the Details or List view, whatever it’s called. I don’t like Quick Look that much—it lags depending on what you quick look, and it should really be considered a window and close when you hit Cmd + W, instead of closing the Finder window itself and leaving Quick Look open.

It has default view! No longer will every new window open up in Icon view when I want List view!

I like that displaying boxes to connect to (on the network) are easier now.

Spots or stripes?

Well, in the end the upgrade is worth it (assuming you have no problems upgrading—some have—I myself didn’t have any troubles) because of the cool new functionality. The firewall brouhaha was a bit of an oversight, and it removed my printers so I no longer have the Adobe PDF printer (I will probably have to uninstall and reinstall Adobe CS3 to get it back… I’m still trying to work up the effort.) That’s about it.

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