The Day of Boats

I don’t quite know how to introduce this story … it was a short I created on a whim, in the space of an hour, and to my recollection I haven’t really proofed or cleaned it up, but we’ll see how this one fares :)

It’s not a happy story, nor a humourous one, in fact it’s rather sad. But I enjoyed writing it.

The Day of Boats

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4 responses to The Day of Boats

  1. Jason says:

    That was a touching story. It pulls at… something, a little uncomfortably.

    Very well written and emotion provoking.

  2. setek says:

    Hahaha thanks a bunch :)

    Its nice to know at least one person enjoys my works I often cant gauge their quality.

  3. susan1398 says:

    That was a sad story. Hopefully you are okay for that…

    cheer up and be happy!!

  4. setek says:

    Hahaha Susan Im alright, honest :)

    If I can manage it, Ill write a happier story next time, hows that sound?

    Oh and by the way, cheers for getting on here! Hope to see you commenting again :P

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