One down, many, many to go

My (amazingly bruised) Kung Fu Arm For those of you that don’t know already, I recently started training at a Kung Fu Academy, after a one-year (or more!) hiatus from decent exercise. The Shaolin Chowka Kung Fu School’s Sifu, Patrick Luong, has been instructing me for a little under two months now, and I have just finished my first form, the Small Tiger, after twelve sessions.

The form, featuring a prelude (that I’m told comes before every empty-hand form) of nineteen movements, a body of over 90 movements (I lost count—can you blame me?) and a postlude of just under ten movements (at least, being a semi-repeated version of the prelude, I assume it is also going to repeat at the end of every empty-hand form) made me stop and wonder: how is anybody supposed to remember this?

My previous studies have mostly been in Taekwondo. I studied for around six-and-a-half years, becoming a second degree black belt in World Taekwondo Federation-style and International Taekwondo Federation-style (I never understood why there were two major bodies, both claiming governance over the entire earth) and an Instructor of the art. The patterns (they call them patterns rather than forms in Taekwondo) were, at an average, maybe 35 movements each. Other than that, there was the odd weapon training here and there (Nanchaku, Bo Staff, Iaido) and Tai Chi, my “soft” art (which is anything but soft, once you’re in the thick of it.)

I think my main problems will be: remembering everything as quickly as I’m being fast-tracked, and trying my hardest not to forget everything I’ve learnt in previous years. I’m pretty sure Small Tiger alone has made me wipe clean anything I ever learnt about Economics. Luckily it wasn’t much!

We’ll see how it goes :)

Added a picture of my Kung Fu arm (needs a bit of work, no? :D)
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2 responses to One down, many, many to go

  1. Garry says:

    You write very well grasshopper!
    Its good to hear your still into your Martial Arts, does Jess still train? I like your web site its very informative you really should think of going into web design for a living.


  2. setek says:

    Thanks Garry :)

    Nah, unfortunately Jess hurt her back and hasnt been able to use it too well, so its just me :(

    Cheers about the website too, although I cant claim ownership of the blog skin: thats just a stock skin until I get the time to design my own :)

    Postscript: I thought you were joking, but I cant be sure you know I work in web design, right :P

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