Yet another blisteringly short short

I’m on a roll—I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve felt like writing short after short after short. Oddly, I’ve also dropped how long each story is to a mere few hundred words, as if I couldn’t possibly … Continue reading
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Today was the first time I had sparred at the new Kung Fu Academy. I’m used to sparring Taekwondo-style, which is to say, geared up to the max (padded helmet, mouthguard, chest guard, forearm protectors, gloves, groin guard, shin and … Continue reading
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The Day of Boats

I don’t quite know how to introduce this story … it was a short I created on a whim, in the space of an hour, and to my recollection I haven’t really proofed or cleaned it up, but we’ll see … Continue reading
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One down, many, many to go

For those of you that don’t know already, I recently started training at a Kung Fu Academy, after a one-year (or more!) hiatus from decent exercise. The Shaolin Chowka Kung Fu School’s Sifu, Patrick Luong, has been instructing me for … Continue reading
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