A short story about … well, nothing really

Maybe a year ago, I wanted to take a break from the current style of creative writing I had been painstakingly been trying to produce, and on a whim decided upon a four-part series of infinitesimally small short stories that exhibited a more relaxed hand, and some vague allusion to a sense of ironic humour. Undoubtedly on an excitable high, I decided to name it “chiefly variable.”

Unfortunately, I misplaced the series after writing the first story, until half a year ago, when I decided to pick it up again to finish the other three stories, and somehow they also mysteriously disappeared into the unknown shortly thereafter.

Finally, after finding them yet again, going over each story, deciding I didn’t particularly like them anymore besides one—the second of the four, which I had entitled “fictionary of the english language”—I think I will bite the bullet, and present it now.

Without further ado, I give you Fictionary of the English Language.

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2 responses to A short story about … well, nothing really

  1. Blakjak says:

    Fascinatingly abstract, with each phrase and narrative detour making perfect sense (pardon the reference) in their own right.

    But collectively?

    I'm not sure why you felt the need to embed it in a short narrative, but enjoyed the commentary on language.

    Do you think you might reveal the ones you didn't like at some point?

  2. setek says:

    To be honest, I can no longer remember my original intentions—perhaps only that the method chosen was the medium in which I chose to present.

    Yes, I agree: collectively, it felt a little jumpy. I wanted not just a play on language, but a context. It felt easier to understand when Abbey was present. (It… made more sense? :P)

    I think I might put up the others… the only question is whether to clean them up first!

    Unfortunately, sometimes my version of “cleaning” means a brand new story :)

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