Filt Mignon

Fillet mignon with chips and a red wine jus On this night, on the most ominous of days, murder was running rife through the kitchen. Blood, normally salty and somewhat taboo, becomes a delicacy on this occasion, the unholy day: Black Friday.

Just kidding :) Its only filét mignon.

If you would be so kind as to ignore my cheesy 80s placemats, you will see my dinner. Tonight, I prepared for the family a filét mignon (beef filét wrapped in proscuitto rather than bacon, for a little extra zing,) as it sits pretty on a bed of char-grilled aubergine, set upon by fried basil, steamed broccolini, and a Chianti red wine jus, accompanied by crinkle-cut chips.

While my taste for red meat tends to err on the side of rare, my familys preferences differ slightly. Alas, the four-minutes-a-side was not quite enough for them. Not to mention my fervent disbelief in ever putting a steak back on heat. What do you think? Would you turn it down?

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