Holidays: one is never enough

Jess and me in Singapore It’s actually rather unfortunate, holidays. No matter how long you go for, by the time it’s finished, you really wish you had more time. Because the time you have is never enough. Jess and I just returned home from Singapore on Monday night/Tuesday morning, thinking that our holiday was “just too short.”

That’s the picture of us eating dinner, I’m disinclined to mention where exactly we were eating, mostly because I am slightly embarrassed by our location. In any event the photo turned out rather well (one of the few where it wasn’t out-of-focus blurry or the colour was bleeding) and one of even fewer where I didn’t look terrible in.

So … what did we do … we ate at Lau Pa Sat! I was hesitating on it, noticing neither the As nor Bs of the Singaporean food grading system anywhere in sight—which probably meant worse than a D. Luckily, neither of us became ill, so all was well. And even more amazing, it cost less than ten bucks for the both of us! We also ate at an awesome Teppan Yaki restaurant in CHIJMES, which was worth every singdollar (flicking around eggs and knives and salt shakers, not to mention setting things on fire? What more could one want?)

In usual tourist fashion, I lugged around a big camera and we partook in some tours—night tours, to be exact, such as the Night Safari—which ended up rendering the camera fairly useless (we’re decent shots, although our hands have tendencies to shake like caffeine-addicts that are in desperate need of a decent grind.) I managed to get a (very) blurry photo of what looks like an elephant, say, if you already knew that the photo was of an elephant and I pointed out to you where the tusks were.

Of course, we also shopped. Words cannot describe how much feet can hurt when you shop that hard. It was like an extreme sport. They need to have a condition in the Insurance as a waiver: “Do you intend on participating in any Extreme Shopping(tm)?” Or perhaps not, because my premiums would have skyrocketed. I managed to buy a few things, such as a polo where, after only just taking it out of the bag, both buttons managed to unravel and fall off. Needless to say, they now are sewn back on slightly off-center, slightly askew, but hey—it was my first hand at sewing on buttons, give me a break. Also, let this post be a reminder to not let Jovi dictate where all the good shopping is: her nose for over-priced brand names is quite sensitive, where I would rather something that didn’t quite cost me half my paycheque.

To finish off, as is natural with most holidays, we have already begun planning the next adventure :) Oh, how I wish it were nearly holidays again …

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4 responses to Holidays: one is never enough

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey ming,

    where is that place in the picture?
    is it clarke quay?


  2. setek says:

    Yeah, its Clarke Quay :) Do you already have a sneaking suspicion of where I was?

    Oh, and by the way Jovi, you know Singapore too well if you could tell where we were from a photo with such little environmental definition :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Block D

    was it Hooters of Singapore? That sounds like your sort of scene. :)

    and before you ask, yes, I should be doing something more productive.

    oh, btw, congratulations on conforming and getting a blog :)

  4. setek says:

    Yes, you should be doing something more productive. It disturbs me a little that you know your Clarke Quay sectors :P

    Yeah yeah yeah, conforming, but Ill only do it on my terms :)

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