A short story about … well, nothing really

Maybe a year ago, I wanted to take a break from the current style of creative writing I had been painstakingly been trying to produce, and on a whim decided upon a four-part series of infinitesimally small short stories that … Continue reading
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Styling tables (part II)

Alright, so in the first part we covered the structure. Now we’re going to make the pretty. table { border-collapse: collapse; } This means “if two borders meet against one another, collapse them rather than have a doubly-thick border.” This … Continue reading
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Styling tables (part I)

Funnily enough, a lot of people ask me if I hate tables. The answer to that is no, I do not :) I rather dislike the use of tables for tabular layoutit is an unsemantic and, in the long run, … Continue reading
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Filt Mignon

On this night, on the most ominous of days, murder was running rife through the kitchen. Blood, normally salty and somewhat taboo, becomes a delicacy on this occasion, the unholy day: Black Friday. Just kidding :) Its only filét mignon. … Continue reading
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Holidays: one is never enough

It’s actually rather unfortunate, holidays. No matter how long you go for, by the time it’s finished, you really wish you had more time. Because the time you have is never enough. Jess and I just returned home from Singapore … Continue reading
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The First

Following the recent spate of lavishly ludicrous ideas stemming from the notion that someone would want to read the spouts of rubbish from this brain, and warding away the evil mediums in which I would never wish to partake, I … Continue reading
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